Rum Cake and Lipstick

As promised on my Instagram (Follow @zinnialaneblog ), today I am sharing my Grandma Patsy’s infamous Rum Cake Recipe. It is moist (sorry if you don’t like that word… I don’t know what else to use to describe it) dense, sweet, and slightly crispy. If you are a dessert person, you will definitely want to give […]

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The Table

Today, I want to share about something that I am SO glad I said “Yes” to. Monthly Dinner Club. Mickey and I had recently changed churches, and in an attempt to establish relationships with some women of this church, I quickly said yes to this. In the beginning, I would find myself anxious every month when […]

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Unapologetic Hospitality

This year I feel like my heart has been encouraged to explore what it looks like to show authentic hospitality. I believe this began as a mental “revolt” if you will, against unrealistic expectations set by Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t get me wrong… I love a beautiful table setting and maybe (okay, probably) guilty of the […]

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Sincerely, Evelyn

In a world full of Pinterest perfect photos and unreal expectations about the nature of home, I thought I would share the image of the home that I believe God is pleased with. For a while I have struggled to find the right words to describe my sentiment on our home and what I believe God […]

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Summer Kale and Fruit Salad

Hey Friends! With summer in full swing, I thought that I would share a really fresh, easy  {and pretty} salad recipe with ya’ll! So far, I have taken this salad to a summer cook out and our small group and both times it has been a hit! However, I do feel like I need to […]

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