At Home Family Shoot

Full disclosure, this post is mostly for my memory’s sake. I wanted a place to compile some meaningful photos of my little family. BUT I also wanted to tell ya that I am LOVING the lifestyle trend in photography these days. There is just something kind of special about capturing a family in their natural habitat that provokes another level of memory. I am so thankful that my sweet friend Chelsea with 413 Photography was able to capture these images that we will have forever. Give her a follow over at @chelsea413

I love that when Shepherd is older, that he will see and get a sense for the home that mom and dad brought him home to- or perhaps the home where he grows up! These photos represent a norm in our house that is “first coffee.” However, if we are being honest, I am usually in sweat pants with a messy bun with my eyes half shut. BUT for the sake of these photos, I decided to put on something different. 🙂 These photos inspire memories more than a staged shot by a pretty landscape can for me.


Not pictured : Land mines of cheerios ALL OVER the floor ALL THE TIME

This is the porch swing that we sat on the morning after we moved in, where I relaxed after long days on my feet while pregnant, and eventually where we rocked our son to sleep early on in his life.  We were in disbelief that God had provided this home for us and so eager to create memories sitting in this spot. We have watched many sunsets from here, and I have spent many hours swinging with our sweet little babe. It only felt fitting to get some pictures of our porch area then and now.  We live on this porch when it is nice out.


In the spring, this tree in our back yard turns vibrantly pink for exactly one month. This pink floods into our living room and I have vivd memories sitting in our rocker, nursing Shepherd not too long after bringing him home from the hospital. We would rock for hours and I would stare at that tree all day long while he slept on my chest. I will always think of that sweet season when this tree is in bloom.

And lastly, I love the ones she captured of us in our living room. Since these photos, were taken, we have made some decor changes to this room ( That I will share in another post soon ) but I love that these show exactly how it looked at the time. Your homes doesn’t have to be “exactly right” before you can enjoy the space you are creating. Creating a home is an ever- evolving process and nothing has to be perfect to be beautiful. Our rug had a big coffee stain, I’m not the biggest fan of the wallpaper and my pillows are in rough shape if you look close. (Thanks dog ) BUT. Even as we change up our space, I have been trying to practice contentment with our home just as is. Every tweak and change up is a bonus, and when I am grateful for what we already have, it makes personalizing our home even more fun because I’m not chasing a material fix. I must admit that I slump into this habit often, but when I the Lord is filling my spiritual cup, I know that true contentment doesn’t come from my house being fuller, but rather my heart being full.

How do ya’ll like taking your family pictures? What environments inspire sweet memories for you?



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