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Everyone has their “thing” or “things” for that matter, that they are willing to spend a little more money on. Maybe you love to get a manicure every month, or like Starbucks everyday? Maybe you are a shoe fiend or love to invest in nice jeans. I am one that likes to invest in a quality, every day bag that fits the needs of the season I am in.

If you have been following along with this blog for any amount of time that you KNOW how I feel about Noonday Collection. First reason is the business model is just genius for enacting sustainable change! They are a direct sales company that creates a market place for artisan made goods right here in the states! They are a socially responsible business that uses fashion and design to create economic opportunities for women in vulnerable communities across the globe. What does that all mean? Basically, every time you purchase a Noonday accessory, you are supporting a woman’s consistent, monthly, fair, and livable wage in another country. We are more like these women than we are different.

Today, I want to you to meet my good friend, Rustic Leather Tote. RLT goes everywhere with me. She comes in pretty packaging ( cuz I am a girl who appreciates that ) and is light in color. As the days pass, she gets softer and darker like a favorite baseball glove. Like a fine wine, she truly gets better with age!

Here is what I LOVE about this bag: It holds EVERYTHING and ISN’T huge. Are you a full time worker? This bag is for you. Stay at home mom? Yep. Teacher? Goodness, yes! Are you a student and need something to hold your lap top?  This bag is the best staple to add to your wardrobe.  It is hand crafted by extremely talented artisans who were once at the mercy of the caste system in India. Having once been labeled as “untouchables” and given undignified means of making a living, their partnership with Noonday Collection now enables them to receive a consistent, livable wage in a safe work environment. Not only that, but their artistry is on display! The leather on these bags is hand stretched and dyed by using a vegetable tanning technique. Later, each tote is sewn by a talented artisan who has a story. 

When it comes to ethical fashion, I consider it an honor to carry these artisans’ work on my shoulder. As I feel and smell the leather ( don’t even pretend you don’t like the smell of real leather ) I can’t help but feel a connection with these souls across the globe.

As Mother Theresa once said,

Print: Lindsay Letters

Photo: Noonday Collection

Here’s to casting stones and making waves friends! If you would like to support artisan business in India, you can shop this bag here.




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