Adults Need Time Out Too

If there is one thing I have learned this week- sometimes I am in desperate need of a time out.

On days where you feel like everything is out of your control ( because it is) sometimes it’s SO beneficial to press pause on life for a hot second and regroup.

A couple weeks ago was a perfect example. We were late to something in the evening, the kitchen was trashed from dinner, and it felt like I accomplished approximately 0% of the things that I wanted to that day. So what did I do with my 15 free minutes?

I opened the cupboards, pulled out what I could find: flour, sugar, pecans, butterscotch chips, and a couple sticks of butter. ( Yes, a couple- I think you know where I am going with this ).

And I made some cookies.

Something about smashing the dough with my bare hands was enough to quiet the soul. Life was still happening around me, but I took a time out to immerse myself into something therapeutic for a minute.

Fast forward.

A few weeks ago, my darling crawler was being exceptionally grumpy and would not let me set him down. My 23 lb lump of love insisted I carry him ALL DAY.

The house was a complete dump. Cheerios were like land mines everywhere and giant baby toys taking over our 1500 sq foot home. I work from the home and I had papers scattered on every flat surface of the house and could not seem to carry any thought or task out to completion let alone with excellence.

I began to cry and get overwhelmed. I took our giant, in the way, outgrown, space shipped size baby swing out on our back porch to get it out of my sight because it was “bothering me” (Because that’s effective?) and then a quiet voice inside me ( thanks Holy Spirit) told me to retreat. Pause the to do list. Leave the mess. Retreat and reset.

So I carried my 22b lump of love onto the porch and we sat in the swing. It took me until 3:00 in the afternoon for me to realize that it was a beautiful, and rare 70 degrees in February. The air was fresh and with it came new perspective. The swing usually draws me to this conclusion.

” It’s all okay. I need Jesus, and He is bigger than what’s in front of me. ”

On a Friday afternoon, my time out looked like a long drive by myself where I could sing worship music and pray and be uninterrupted. I love time in the car for this reason.

I guess what I’m saying is- no matter what the pace and rhythm of your life is, you MUST put yourself in time out now and then. Your heart will thank you for it.

By the way… I am no self help expert. In fact, I think the a lot of the world’s = Just a tired daughter of the King who needs to be reminded to run back to her source of life on the daily.

Be still and stop striving sisters,


XO, Mac



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