Connecting the Dots

For a while now I have felt a stirring in my heart. It’s been subtle, seemingly random, yet has been increasing in intensity. I am the type of person who feels every emotion pretty intensely and for the past couple of months, I have felt the Lord pressing the following thoughts and feelings on my heart…

  1. I love my life in our small town near family and friends that feel like family. And yet, I have also felt so far removed from the rest of the world. My nest is a cozy one, but I know that the world is big, and beautiful, and also hurting. I have been subconsciously longing to be engaged and involved in things that are happening outside of my hometown, and outside of my home country.
  2. God has elevated mine and Mickey’s desire to adopt in the future. I’m not sure if we would do international or domestic adoption, but both of us feel lead to one day fill an empty bed in our home. This is an idea that has also been echoed (loudly) by our Church.
  3. I believe God calls us all to ministry regardless of vocation. I believe he calls his Church to engage non believers, other cultures, and advocate for vulnerable people. I believe the Church should be the best at loving people, and I am afraid I haven’t been.
  4. Every year, I ask God to impart a word or a phrase to meditate on for that subsequent year. Last year, it was “expect Him” and I got to sit back and watch and trust (sometimes begrudgingly) God with the many changes that our family endured. I watched Him show up in a really difficult season, and I experienced Him usher in a new and joyous season. This year, the words that have continued to come to mind are “Act” as in action, and “Discipline.” Neither of those are sexy words, but I am beginning to see areas of my life where I believe God has called me to act and practice discipline. Praise God for grace, because my works alone have a zero percent shot of doing anything effective for His kingdom.
  5. God has wired me to be entrepreneurial and  He has thus far blessed new endeavors that have required me to push myself out of my comfort zone and lean on Him. Through that process, He has consistently provided enough income for me to be able to stay home with our son. I will always be grateful for the time I have gotten to do that and for God fulfilling that desire of mine. He didn’t have to. It’s such a privilege.

So there is some of my word vomit. Many thoughts, and feelings, and dreams swimming around in my head.

I remember the first time that I found Noonday Collection on Instagram (@noondaycollection) . It was about 2 years ago, and I remember being instantly captivated by not only the beautiful, handmade jewelry pieces, but the stories of the women who made them. Noonday Collection was started in Austin, TX. Noonday empowers women artisans all over the world by providing a dignified, sustainable income to vulnerable women which ensures that their children are not orphaned or abandoned due to poverty. Noonday also works along adoptive families and donates a percentage of proceeds made at “Adoption Trunk Shows” to fun that family’s adoption. How beautiful is that!?

Noonday’s mission statement is this. “Together, we build a flourishing world, where women are empowered, children are cherished, people have jobs, and we are connected.”

Two days ago, I reached for my favorite pair of hoop earrings that I bought from Noonday a while back, and it’s like a light bulb turned on in my brain. Yes. Do it. Act. Have Fun! Why not? I felt an instant confirmation from the Lord that this work could honor and magnify him.


So there it is! I decided to become a Noonday Ambassador. I’m going to sell jewelry and tell stories and empower women. I am bought in to their mission, and am praying that God, having planted this seed long ago, would grow and nurture my desire to do this work well. It’s my hope that it honors Him by being a part of this residual impact the Noonday community is making, that it would provide a supplemental income for my family, and that I would have a lot of fun doing this.

Who knew that my love for hoop earrings would lead me here. 😉

God is in the business of connecting the dots in our life. It’s a gift when we notice what He is up to.

So… if you want to look fabulous, use your purchasing power for good, and be apart of something meaningful, talk to me!

If this stirs a desire in you and you would like to know more about how you could participate in what God is doing through Noonday, shoot me an email! I will never push and I don’t bite. Ha!


“and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” Isaiah 58:10

XO, Mac

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