Holiday Hair Style Inspiration

With so many gatherings and parties this time of year, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of fun hair styles with you! While I love it when I have a chance to sit down and do my hair and make up, it does not happen very often! But when I do, I love playing with my Design Lengths hair extensions from Sally Beauty. The color that I wear is “Blonde Frost” and they blend so well with my high lighted hair.  I already have medium-long hair, but these give me a little extra length and thickness to my hair to add some glam. They are also SO easy to clip in and style.

Incase this post at all convinces you to believe my look is always put together, rest assured I am lounging in my husband’s sweat pants in yesterday’s make up, un washed-tangled hair, and peanut butter is on my hands as I type because I am eating that with an apple for lunch. Yes- did I mention that it’s noon? Let’s be real ladies, we are not always put together but don’t you enjoy the days when you feel like you are? Today is not that day for me. Ha!


Loose Waves

This time of year I find that I wear my hair down a lot more often mostly because it provides warmth to my neck, and I am often sporting a hat when I go outside. Now, even though it’s winter, I still love this beach wave look all year sound.

To achieve this look, start by dividing your hair into thirds and curling small sections of hair with your iron. I love my Hot Tools 1.5 in curling iron from Sally Beauty! The thicker the iron the better for this style.


Before letting down the next layer of hair, spritz hair with some beach wave spray. This is different than hair spray in that it makes your hair the right texture to hold this curl with out becoming “crunchy.”

Repeat process with the rest of the layers.

Lastly, I use my beach wave spray through out all of my hair to loosen my curls. I prefer to have a messy- curled look over a freshly curled look.

Spritz with hair spray and off you go! I love this look by itself or with a hat.

This style is great for any outdoor holiday activities; Ice skating, shopping, parades etc.


Fish Tail Braid

Do not let the name intimidate you. I feel like this is one of my go to comfy hair styles. This is an easy do to wear to a friend’s house to play board games or a way to feel a little glamorous Christmas morning while you are chilling in you PJ’s eating zucchini bread and drinking coffee while young ones race to open gifts. (That’s usually how it goes at my parent’s house and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Brush out your hair after you have curled it. Use a small amount Beyond The Zone Keep it Together braid cream and finger it through the ends of your hair.

Put your hair into a low pony tail (Close to your head) and tie it with a clear elastic. I like to do mine off to the side because I like for my braid to fall in front. I also like to leave pieces of hair down in the front to give it a more elegant look.


*Use a bobby pin to fasten any layers that may be prone to fall out…especially if you have layers!

Wrap the elastic with a thin piece of hair a couple of times and secure with a bobby pin. I like to put the hair through the bobby pin and insert the pin into the elastic.

Now start a fish tail braid in which you take the small pieces of hair from the back of the braid and wrap them to the front of the braid.


Continue to do this as long as you can with out stray hairs coming out. 


Once you get to the end, secure your hair with another clear elastic.

Take another small piece of hair and wrap it around the end of the pony tail and secure it by sliding the end of the wrapped hair into the clear elastic. ( On the back side).

After that, carefully use your fingers to gently pull some sides of the braid out to make your fish tail look fuller.

Spritz with hair spray and off you go!


Boho New Years Eve Hair Style

This is a style that I plan on rocking New Years Eve. It is a little bit fancier than your every day look and yet doesn’t appear too contrived for upscale occasion.

First, begin by curling your hair using the tutorial above. For this hairstyle, I like to use Beyond the Zone Frozen Stiff hair spray at the very end to secure this loose, bohemian style.


Begin by taking your brush and teasing the hair at the crown of your head. This is helpful to add a little volume in the back of your head…with out using a “bump it.” – ha!

Take two, small, but long pieces of hair near your face and use your fingers to twirl those strands of hair away from the face.

In the center of your head, combine both pieces with one, clear elastic.

Repeat the “twirling” process with two more pieces of hair.

Hold these pieces in place at the back of your hear and fasten them with another clear elastic. As you do this, you can tie it above the first elastic including the first strands of hair and then remove one of your clear elastics.

And there you go! If you’re on the look out for some amazing and affordable hair products this time of year, I definitely recommend checking out Sally Beauty. They’ve got something for all hair types and styles !

Happy Holidays beautiful people!


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