Lofty Things Part 2

Greetings friends! With the holiday season in full swing and the official launch of my Etsy Shop (Zinnia Lane Market) I have been swamped and have neglected my blogging schedule. So glad to have a couple of minutes during Shepherd’s nap time (likely 30 minutes) to touch base and show you some updates that we have done to the loft office!¬†loft-1

In my previous post about our loft, I mentioned that we intentionally left the space above the couch blank as we were waiting for the right pieces to hang and wanted to take our time shopping around. This month, I have finally hung the pieces that I believe add the perfect amount of personality and “funk factor” so I thought I would show you!



My FAVORITE part about this wall has got to be this beautiful, neutral woven piece. With fringe being so hot right now, you have GOT to go check out @wovenhomebytara on Instagram! Her Etsy shop is filled with amazing hand made items to liven up any space. I stumbled upon this piece on line and instantly fell in love with the organic vibe of it. The gray, white, off white, and black colors mesh so perfectly with our rug, wall color and pillows. My favorite rule of thumb when adding color to any room is to make sure that you distribute or pollenate that color through out the room. I am never a fan of things to be “match-y match-y” but I do love to make color travel through out a room.

I also snagged this old school chalk board at my family’s flea market Rz’s Antiques. I love the vintage feel of this piece and the best thing about it is that it can be used so many different ways. I am a huge fan of graphic art. Right now, I have it done up for Christmas time, but I can see myself using this to write verses, reminders, and quotes in the future! With it being in my direct line of site from my desk, I wanted to have something big and pretty to look at.

Lastly, I added this old calligraphy piece that I found at a garage sale this summer. It is a hand written ¬†prayer that someone wrote for their home and it is the essence of Zinnia Lane. If you haven’t read my post about the beautiful words in this piece, you can read it here.




Can we just talk about how wild my Orange tree looks lately? But hey, I have kept it alive for 2 1/2 years now so that is something to be proud of! My sweet grandparents had one shipped from Florida for my birthday.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by friends! I hope to be more regular on this site from here on out. Check back in for some Christmas Cheer inspiration, Holiday Hair tutorials and more!



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