Prayers from the Porch

One of my very favorite parts of the day is when I sit on the porch swing with Shepherd. Typically it is in the morning, the air is crisp, and our boy is snuggled tight in a flannel blanket or tucked into my fleece robe. We swing,  he “sings,” and as I look out over the hills my heart is compelled to pray to the creator of it all.

Transparent moment: My heart has been so grieved by this year’s election. Regardless of where you land politically, I think we can all agree that it has been a scandalous,ugly campaign with a lot of mud slinging. That’s all I care to say about it. However, I do believe that this year’s election has stirred a prayer in my heart regarding our son and his future. I am facing the reality that he will not grow up in the same world that I did. In some ways that excites me and in other ways it frightens me. So here are some things that this weary momma has been praying over her son. I thought I would share what’s on my heart as it is likely that you too have hopes for your child’s future.

That he would find joy in difficult circumstances.

That Shepherd would know that joy is a daily choice and that when he is in the thick of it, he would know that he is wholly loved by God… and anything going on around him- good or bad- would pale in comparison to that fact.

That he will be brave and a loving truth teller.

My hope is that he would have the boldness to stand for what is right and the empathy to regard others as more important than himself. I pray he has deep connection with people of all different backgrounds and that he rises to the call to love others well.

That he would be a humble leader.

We are prayerful that Shepherd would learn from the characteristics of his namesake, “The Good Shepherd.” That he would imitate God with his influence, that he would be humble in heart and able to discern the voice of God over the voice of “he who is in the world. ” ( 1 John )

That he would not live in fear.

I am a worrier to the max, and I pray Shep takes after his dad in that he does not operate from fear of the future. I pray that he would live confidently in the purpose God has called him to.

That he would know God intimately and love his word.

That Shepherd’s desires and opinions of the world would be shaped by the very creator of it all. That he would thirst for what is right and delight in obeying Jesus.

That he would be able to recognize and dismantle idols in his heart.

That he will be sensitive to see when his heart is being hardened and pulled astray by anything that sits in God’s place and that he would have courage to go to great lengths to run from any of those encumbrances.

Ya’ll. The world is scary. But it is not with out hope. And I am reminded that God sovereignly ordains when each of his children walk the earth and designs us all specifically “for a time such as this.” And while sometimes I think I would like to bubble wrap my son and lock him in our house forever, I am hopeful that God has prepared a special future for him.

Here’s to loosening my grip (again) on the future that I can’t control. And here’s to walking  joyfully in hope rather than fear. And here’s to trusting God’s instruction to raise up kingdom men and women.

In Him,



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