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Recently I have had a couple of questions on the items below so I thought that today I would share with you some products and items that I am loving lately! The best thing about all of these things is that they are not seasonal and I get to enjoy them all year long. This is not a sponsored post-all opinions are my own! Just wanted to share with ya’ll!

Tocca Colette :

It’s been since like high school since I have had a “signature scent.” In High School I totally loved “Curve for Her” (Still do- ha!) But for being someone who is so affected by scents and fragrances I felt like a new season of life called for a new signature scent. I love Tocca Colette! It’s warm, spicy and sweet. There are hints of Amber, Pine Needles, and Vanilla. My kind of perfume!


My Picnic Basket:

I spotted this old thing at my family’s shop (Rz’s Antiques in Branson, MO) I was immediately drawn to it and imagining all of the fun memories that could be made using it. While I have yet to take it on a real picnic (though I plan to!) I have toted it to Small Group, Mops meetings and so on. It is perfect for traveling with food! And it beats a Target bag 😉



I have had these hoops for 2+ years and still reach for them every time I leave the house. These are apart of Noonday Collection’s Ethiopian jewelry line. They are made from small artillery beads left over from a war torn nation. I love the way Noonday took something awful and redeemed it for beautiful… much like God does with all of our lives. Noonday Collection empowers vulnerable woman all over the world by giving them meaningful jobs to provide for their families. I love that these earrings connect this western momma to the beautiful mothers in Ethiopia. If you’re looking for some staple jewelry, you’ve got to check them out!




Seeded Eucalyptus:

Really crazy about all greenery right now…particularly this seeded eucalyptus! I was recently gifted some (okay, a lot) by a friend in the wedding industry. This stuff is sprinkled around my house like confetti. I love the way it smells and the freshness it provides to a room!


Caldrea Hand Soap:

Sleek, simple, and smells delicious. It also makes doing dishes more fun because I know that after I get to wash my hands with this stuff. I got mine from Grove Collaborative. This website sources all of the best natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. And the best part…they deliver!


What are some things/ products y’all are enjoying lately? Maybe fall related or staple items you enjoy all year round?



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