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Today, I want to share about something that I am SO glad I said “Yes” to. Monthly Dinner Club. Mickey and I had recently changed churches, and in an attempt to establish relationships with some women of this church, I quickly said yes to this.

In the beginning, I would find myself anxious every month when our evening would approach. Fridays always felt so busy… and every month I would ask myself why I so quickly committed to this.  I would allow my insecurities in the kitchen swamp my ability to enjoy what this precious time did have to offer: Connection and community.

I want to be clear. The minute I arrived to dinner club every month, every insecurity would melt away and I would immediately become so happy to be there. Someone would pour some wine and bring out a cheese plate and I was good to go.

Being in this dinner club has brought a ton of joy to my life. I look forward to this every month and I am now the person who plans her recipes ahead of time instead of the night before. Below are some things that this sweet spot in my schedule has taught me:

  1. Enjoy the process of getting to know someone: It’s not always easy to feel connected to new friends. In college, it took me a whole year to find “my people.” I feel like we as a group are finally past the “getting to know you” stage and moving into this intimate setting where we feel known and loved. This is a sweet spot.
  2. An eclectic mix of people makes for a GOOD time. As I see the faces around the table, I am reminded that we are all so different. We come from different upbringings, belong to different generations, are single, married, with kids, no kids and so on. Some of us have traveled the world, and some of us haven’t. Some of us are amazing cooks, some amazing hosts, some amazing at rich conversation…Some of us feel like we were cut from the same cloth, and yet, in reality we are a big, ornate quilt of people. Really, there are 3 things that we all have in common. They are : Our love for Jesus, gathering people, and really good food.
  3. Self Care time is important in a schedule: I am no poster child for self care. However, I believe that this one Friday a month that is reserved for excellent food and rich conversation has got to be a form of it. My heart always feels full afterwards.
  4. Being around amazing Cooks and Hosts inspires me. Each month, I am so in awe of how everyone’s unique gifts are on display. Being around this group of talented women inspires me and encourages me to use my gifts too. They are warm, and gracious, and attentive to details and subtleties. I am always learning from them.
  5. Their tables are a safe place. Whether we are thriving or struggling… these women are all ears and have an arsenal of wisdom and joy and laughter up their sleeves. They are both realists and dreamers and I could not be more grateful for their place in my life.




One Friday every month I am reminded of why God calls us into community and am left encouraged to gather people more often. I want my table, or living room floor for that matter, to be a safe place for others to come and be known and loved. 




With a full belly and full heart,



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