On Bucket Lists and High Light Reels

Before sweaters and pumpkins and flannel, I thought that I would take some time to recap some of my very favorite summer memories. For the same reason I keep a written journal, I love to look back at photos to remember what a blessing each season is in it’s own unique way. Sometimes I prefer to recap a season’s end rather than to have a bucket list before it begins. I am such a list person in general, that having an “incomplete bucket list” can leave me feeling like some how my experiences were lacking. If you love bucket lists we can totally still be friends! I love making future plans for memories… and bucket lists are super fun sometimes. Just for me, I know that the possibility of not completing my list would stir up frustration rather than gratitude. This post is simply to remind everyone that your memories are YOURS and your summer, whether it was marked by rest, or change, or chaos, difficulty, or even tragedy… had some beaming pockets of light. Writing is my favorite way to remember things… so why not record special memories on the blog!

  1. Date nights with Mickey: Having a baby caused us to get intentional and creative with some of our date nights. It was a blessing to prioritize this time and we made some fun memories! Ferris Wheels, Ice Cream, Sushi, Putt putt, Go Carts, Lakeside talks, Hot tubs, and Day drives.




ferris-wheel-22. Family and Friend Gatherings: Birthdays, pool parties, Father’s Day, and Fourth of July!








(When you party too hard…)

3. Trip to the beach with our church: Such a special week to watch God move in the lives of Jr. High and High School students. This was a blessing because both of my siblings joined us… one as a leader and one as a student!








3. Day trips: Quick trips to Kansas City and Fayetteville to reunite with dear friends and celebrate upcoming weddings!





maddymac4. Play dates: This is a whole new world to me. But I have so come to love and appreciate walks and trips to the pool/farmer’s markets and making memories with other mommas. And for the record, when your babies are little, play dates are totally for the moms!




5. Lake: While we didn’t spend much time ON the lake, I spent a lot of my summer admiring it and being near it. Something about gazing at the water makes me feel connected with my creator…


We were blessed to have an amazing summer with a new addition to our family. In case any of you are feeling like your summer was lacking or hard, please know that there were absolutely some difficult things that we had to walk through this summer too. Life is not always rainbows and sunshine. But here is to looking back at a high light reel and cheering on others’ high light reels. And let’s not forget that high lights wouldn’t be high lights if they weren’t accompanied by that which is mundane or difficult. Now I am excited to dive into the fall season! We have to soak it up quickly because where I’m from, Christmas starts November 1st. (Tourist Town).

What are some of your special summer memories this year?


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