The Lost Art of a Hand Written Letter


There is nothing better than receiving fun mail. I don’t care who you are, exactly zero people have frowned when finding a pretty letter addressed to them. There is nothing better than thumbing through junk mail, only to find something personal.

I have always been someone who has appreciated hand written gestures. To prove this, you ought to see the shoe box of hand written notes that I passed and received while in middle school that I STILL possess. While working at a summer camp after college, my now- husband and I would send snail mail back and forth to each other as a primary method of communication for 3 months. Granted, sometimes this was a photo copied image of our faces smashed into the machine… but it usually included an “I love you” written somewhere on the page. I also still possess a post-it note that he wrote on years later encouraging me early on in our marriage.

All I’m saying is, If you are a person who would say that words of affirmation are a way that you feel loved and a way that you show love, ya’ll should definitely carve out some intentional time in your for hand written letters. Scratch that- If you are any person, ever you should carve out some intentional time for a hand written letter. Whether its to encourage, show empathy, or even grieve with someone, the lost art of writing your sentiments through pen and paper has the power to carry a lot of meaning and weight.

In a world where words are so quickly sent and received via email and text message it is SO easy to just let our words fly with out consideration of impact. We often let our words trample on the delicate ground of grief in the name of “taking a stand” on an issue… And sometimes we try and reconcile a relationship through our thumbs and a send button. Don’t get me wrong, I believe internet and texting have their place. But today I am convinced that there might be a more meaningful and intentional way to communicate our feelings towards one another.

Recently I received my first subscription box from V. Paperie. GUYS. Each month you receive a slue of beautifully designed stationary cards, paper products, and unique gifts!

paperie package

paperie box

list landscapr

Anyone else a list person? Check out this precious to-do list that is perfect for accomplishing all of those goals you made this fall or tasks that you need to do this week! Whether it’s to remember a special date, or getting your tags changed on your car… bleh… I truly believe that you are more likely to accomplish something if you write it down first. I have seen this truth play out in both my personal and professional life.

Birthday card

Lets’ be real, we all can find a reason to tell someone, “thank you” this month, right? Look back to last week searching for good and I’ll bet some event comes to mind that warrants a big, fat “thank you!”

Birthday coming up? Or already passed? Oops! Not to worry, this box has you covered.

You Got this

This was probably my favorite thing in my V. Paperie  box. There will always be people in your life that need encouragement of some kind. There is a huge need for encouragers in this world, but we don’t always see the opportunity to encourage others. What I love about this box is that it is causing me to be intentional about looking at what’s going on around me and finding someone to encourage and say, “You got this!”  Nice texts are sweet, but I think we can all agree that a surprise letter in the mail carries more weight.

Hello Card


In addition to covering all of your necessary paper needs, V. Paperie also sends you sweet little goodies that spread beauty around your home. Pencils, magnets, journals and more! bundle

Honestly guys, I am convinced that this concept is more than your average subscription plan. It is an investment and commitment to re-discover the lost art of the hand written letter. I hope that you anticipate the arrival of this sweet, little brown box just as much as I did.

If you want to jump on next month’s order, use discount code ‘WELCOME10’ to receive 10% off your first order.

Happy Writing!


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