One of the things I like most about writing is that It helps me to process what God has been teaching me. Expect to see posts like this periodically as He continues to reveal himself in my life. I hope that you stick around and leave encouraged!

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend’s boyfriend over lunch for the first time. As we were talking over peach tea and soup, we found ourselves joking about the fact that my friend and I are worriers and the men at the table sometimes needed to be reminded when to show concern. Like, no joke; Once after a scary car accident that resulted in total-ing of our car, Mickey simply said, “Crap, we spilled all of our donuts.”

I have always said that Mickey and I are opposite in a lot of ways. He is the calm to my cray and I am his filter. This is just one example of how God picked two different, yet  complimentary people to do life and ministry together. I love that God placed me in a marriage with someone who’s faith inspires me to trust God more.

At the end of this banter with the boys, I mentioned that being the eldest in our nuclear families, my friend and I are “fixers” and we like to think that we can maintain control when in reality, we know this isn’t true.

I went on to say that I hate when conflict arises and I always want things to end pretty with a nicely tied bow on top. No loose ends. No mystery. No unreconciled items.

My friend’s new boo laughed slightly, and then said something that really resonated with me.

“The only problem with that is that you don’t possess the ribbon needed to tie the bow on top.”- Friend’s new bf.

DROP THE MIC. I like this guy.


I have always known this is true, but God sent a sacred echo to me on this day. Let me be frank here friends, we do not possess the power or the sovereignty, or the foreknowledge to fix this broken world. Have you ever encountered a situation when you thought that if you could do anything in this entire world to solve the issue, you would have no idea where to start? Like, if one wish would fix everything, what would you wish for? This world is messy and convoluted…so it’s time that we rest from trying to play God and instead cry out to the One who hears.

So when things feel like they are too heavy to carry- lay them at the feet of Jesus. When small things have been morphed into a big things that were never meant to be heavy- lay them at the feet of Jesus.

I often find myself going to others in the name of “venting,” and then find myself more upset and wound up by the end of the conversation that I thought would free me. The Bible promises that when we draw near to the Lord, he will draw near to us. He also promises that when we are abiding in His love he hears our prayers. Let’s lay aside all of those idols that capture our worship everyday and run full speed ahead to be in the presence of a God who HEARS US and possess the power to fix any situation.

But even if he doesn’t (fix it) – He is still good. (Daniel 3) But that deserve’s it’s own post sometime.

So “Fixers,” “First Borns,” “Fellow Type A’s,” “Control Freaks,” Relax and rest in the finished work of Jesus… who humbled himself into the likeness of man, died a terrible death, made purification for sin once and for all, rose himself from the grave, and now is seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High and offers salvation for all of those who believe in Him.

He is so worthy of our trust. Tomorrow when you wake up, it is likely that there will be something that you are tricked into thinking that you can control. People’s opinions? Future plans? Children? Spouses? Family Drama? Stop it, and let Jesus. Let the redemptive and transformative power of the gospel dwell richly in your heart and experience the peace of God that frees you from trying to fix things.

The only things us “fixers” should be “fixing” is our eyes on Jesus. Amen?



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