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One of my goals this summer was to get our loft “catch all” space converted to a functional home office. I currently work part time from home and my surroundings very much influence my mood and probably even my productivity.

I also wanted a place that was set apart from the rest of the house to become the “work space.” In reality, my office can sometimes be the kitchen table, front porch, or the floor of Shepherd’s nursery. Heck, I once startled the UPS man because my “office” that day happened to be right in front of the front door where the baby was playing. While I am so grateful to be able to do my job from just about anywhere, I really felt like our home rhythm could benefit from a having a designated home office.

Now, redoing any space requires one of two things: time or money. Most often, a room requires a little bit of both but our recent budget cuts demanded that I get creative with this refresh. So I picked time over money. I quit my full time job to stay home, raise my baby, and work part time. It’s interesting that when your finances are cut in half and your expenses go up, the math does not always come out in your favor…ha! But this decision was intentional, and totally worth it for our family. It just means we have to simplify, be good stewards of the resources that we have, and make our dollar stretch a little farther.

To begin re-working the space, I decided to get off Pinterest, and instead shop the rest of our house to acquire items that we already possessed. By doing this, I not only found ways to de clutter other spaces, but I also was better able to determine what “holes” we had in our decor and what it was that I actually needed to spend money on to complete the space.

This lead me to scrounging up a lamp, one of our end cap dining room chairs, all of our books, a metal basket to store paper goods, and more cool stuff.

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Pictured here is Mickey’s child hood desk with a lamp that I stole from Shepherd’s nursery. While I LOVE the color and style of that lamp, it felt like I was interrogating my son as I rocked him to sleep at night. We realized that this lamp would serve us much better in an office space. I have only busted out that sewing machine a couple of times, but the lamp has proven to be very useful for late night projects or reading.


Shelf 1

shelf 2

Shelf 3shelf 4

For storage, we used a couple of book shelves that I had in my college apartment. They were quite dingy so I put a fresh coat of white paint on them and it made them look brand new. They also popped great off of the walls that Mickey painted “Agreeable Gray” by Sherwin Williams. We had a lot of this color left over from Shepherd’s Nursery.


To accessorize the room, I simply went around the house and collected things that weren’t needed in other rooms. Candles, table clocks, and these vintage floral prints that came from an old, French gardening book. We didn’t exactly had a budget for wall art this time around, so I tore out pages from an this old book and hung them on clip boards. This fills the space for now, and maybe one day we will add something else. It’s all about enjoying the process! You don’t have to wait until you have every single thing you want for a room to begin the creating process.


Once we placed all of the big furniture in this small space, I realized that we really only need a couple of items to make it complete. I went to Target and snagged a couple of pillows when they were on sale, and now all we really need is a large scale piece of art work to hang above the futon. We are thinking something funky and architectural. We haven’t found it yet, but we will know it when we see it. You can’t just go to the store to find funky, ya know?

“Funky takes time.”-Mickey

(Really, he said this. I think it was just to humor me… but I’ll take it. )

This is currently my favorite place to drink my morning coffee and read my bible. I am really grateful to have a little space to retreat to on mornings when Shep sleeps in.

Side note: That Orange tree was given to me by my Grandma and Papa on my 24th birthday. My Grandma remembered how much I loved the orange tree that my Grandpa bought her, so they had one shipped in from Florida and gifted me my own last year. I love it, and I love that it sits in one of my favorite places to be in our house.

Desk 2

I hope that the main thing you take away from this post is that achieving a room you love can happen by focussing on what you already have rather than dwelling on what you don’t. Spaces evolve over time, and it is so fun to be able to add new things to a space. But don’t be fooled into thinking that all those things you don’t have now are going to make you happy. Enjoy the process of home creating not just the finished product! You will experience more contentment in your life being grateful for what you’ve been given rather than dwelling on what’s missing.



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