The Rule of Yin and Yang

As Mickey and I began to prepare a wedding registry a few years back, I realized that my naturally “ultra feminine” style was not going to fly with him. He is an exceptionally patient man and usually lets me do what ever I want when it comes to home decor. (He’s the best) But I remember wanting so bad to create a master bed room that he would like and one that was a little bit more gender neutral.

Now, I feel like I should confess something. When I told him about this post idea he laughed at me and totally called me out for having ruffles on our comforter, indicating that those were not “gender neutral.”

Um, that comforter he is complaining about was $12 at a garage sale and matched our sheets. So that’s how I won that battle.

While you can definitely still see a woman’s touch through out this space, I thought I would point out a couple of choices that helped add a little masculinity to the room. My mother calls this “the rule of Yin and Yang.”

Blue Dresser

Here you will notice that this chest  is painted a dusty aqua. And while I do have a couple floral prints hanging above, I want you to also notice the vintage leather suitcase and industrial, metal fan. Yin and Yang.



Side note: If you really love florals, perhaps choosing a bolder, more graphic looking floral. This will help tone down the “precious” factor.


Jewelry Box

Bed Room Dresser

Here I wanted to show you that while we have a vintage painted piece in our room, we also have a dark, heavy wooden piece. To see the masculine touch, you just have to get passed the mirrored jewelry box and dress form. 😉 Yin and Yang.

Side note #2: My mom taught me that “a mirror is only as good as what it reflects.” We strategically decided to place this mirrored piece in the corner that would reflect the light from our bed side table and lamp instead of in the other corner where it would have reflected my closet door. This option multiplies light and creates a more interesting view.



Now, I am well aware there are ruffles at the foot of this comforter and that ruffles are NOT masculine. But choosing a neutral color pallet and striped ticking sheets helped offset the feminine, white bedding. Yin and Yang, folks.


Accent pillows are also sometimes difficult to agree on. We received this monogram pillow as a wedding gift and I have paired it with a gray-blue hit of texture, and a graphic printed pillow. Yin and Yang.

Fun, Unrelated Fact: Did you know Mickey and I have the same middle name? Mickey Ray Pitman and Mackenzi Rae Pitman. God is funny like that.

Side Table

This is our bed side table. Above it hangs a my all time favorite wedding photo of us making out under my veil and on it sits a picture of our precious new born that we paid an arm and a leg for at the hospital. ( The picture… and the newborn come to think of it… ) Both were totally worth it! Anyways, the reason I show you this is to tell you that I always love to mix some metal piece of furniture in every room to balance the presence of paint and wood and add texture to a room. While this table has very straight and masculine lines, it is topped with mirrored glass, giving it a little glam too. Yin and Yang.

Light Fixture

Lastly, I wanted to share our choice for a light fixture. This is something we had to meet in the middle on. He wanted a ceiling fan, and I wanted a drippy-dreamy, antique, crystal chandelier. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

We went with an iron light fixture that is darker in color and has straight lines. We also added in a metal, table fan which I showed you in a previous picture. Again, this is not completely masculine, but it does help balance the room with both masculinity and femininity.


I do realize Mickey is exceptionally laid back when it comes to home decor…but if your man isn’t, perhaps stick with these simple guidelines.

  1. Graphic and texturized pillows instead of floral ones.

     2. Gender neutral color pallet.

     3. Avoid crystal in a light fixture.

     4. Incorporate some industrial decorative pieces.

     5. Balance painted furniture pieces with a heavy wood presence and mix in some metal.

     6. Opt for fresh greenery/ succulent plants instead of flowers.

The most important rule of all the rules is this: Your house, your rules. Consider what things your man doesn’t like and strive to meet him in the middle (Yin and Yang ) to create a space that you both will love to come home to.

I hope that this helps you in your pursuit to design your master bed room!



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