Sincerely, Evelyn

In a world full of Pinterest perfect photos and unreal expectations about the nature of home, I thought I would share the image of the home that I believe God is pleased with.

For a while I have struggled to find the right words to describe my sentiment on our home and what I believe God longs for it to be…and then He dropped this fun little treasure in my lap.

Print and Clock

Now, there is a 99% chance you are having a hard time reading exactly what this says. But don’t feel bad because it took me ( and Mickey) like 3 times to figure out what all the words were.

God Bless my Home

On Fridays, I put on my American Picker hat and go what I like to call “beauty hunting.” Part of my work as a stay at home momma is to search for and purchase thrifted goods to resell at my family’s antique shop in down town, Branson. (Rz’s Antiques, named after my Grandfather, Ralph Zebedee Miller Jr.)

Some days can be a bust, but on this particular Friday I stumbled upon this hand written, calligraphy print that appears to be a prayer over a new home. This was written in 1991, the year I was born! Check out what it says…

God Bless My home,

God Bless My Home, may it’s doors open hospitality

and companionship. May It’s windows beam forth acceptance, and may it’s welcome mat always be out.

God Bless My Home.

May it’s foundation be securely grounded in love, it’s walls radiate with truth and it’s windows open to a world of beauty.

God Bless My Home.

May all who enter here feel encompassed in love and high regard. May my home be a haven of encouragement and support for myself and for others, May it provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and communication.

God Bless My Home.

May I feel the safety and security of your loving presence in every inch. In this and all seasons may my home shine with music and love.

Sincerely, Evelyn 4/14/87

December 7, 1991

Miss Evelyn put it better than I could. May my heart and passion for home design and styling never replace the vision that God has for our home. I believe He has ordained all of us to show hospitality, disciple and encourage others, and out-do one another in honor. ( Romans 12:9-13). I also believe that He grieves  when our hearts would rather inspire envy rather than encouragement. May all of us bloggers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, moms, and working girl bosses never become ensnared by the shallow, idolizing spell of the internet/ social media. Instead, let’s be godly stewards of the gifts and resources that God has graciously lavished upon us for the purpose of furthering His kingdom. All of our to-do lists and hard work don’t mean a darn thing if we aren’t in accordance with God’s vision for our lives.

And by the way, I am preaching to myself today.

Thanks Evelyn, for reminding me of God’s desire for our home. May your prayer be echoed in our hearts and brought to the King who hears us. And may our homes be a place of ministry where others can be freely known and fully loved.


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