Shepherd’s Modern “Camp Inspired” Nursery


Hey Friends!

With so many babies on the way out there, I thought I would take some time to share some thoughts and recap my inspiration for Shepherd’s nursery.

I’ll be honest, I am always cautious not to declare a theme for any room. This is mostly because I think that sometimes theming a room can limit you and discourage you from incorporating some needed creative twists so that things don’t appear too matchy-matchy. I have really eclectic taste, so I basically combined elements from a couple of styles that I had been admiring and they all seemed to flow right together. So, if this style had a name it would be called a mid-century-modern-camping-adventure-nursery. That is a mouthful!

First things first. I need to tell you something I feel very passionate about. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CHANGING TABLES. There are so many other, more versatile alternatives that will serve the same purpose. When Shepherd outgrows his diapers, I will still be able to use this piece somewhere in our home. Height and scale are everything. Now, with that being said…if you love the look of a changing table, then go for it! I’m simply just trying to save you some $$ later.

changing table

Changing table basket


This is a rolled arm rocker where we will read books together in the afternoons. I thought about having it re-upholstered, but with all of the other shades of blue and grey happening, it just worked.

Side note: I believe all shades of the same color can exist together in the same room. The trick is to make sure they are of the same value and distributed evenly. Keep muted colors together, bold colors together, jeweled tones together etc…Hence why the book 50 Shades of Grey was so successful.

Just Kidding. Also, I don’t endorse that book. Maybe I will write about why one day, but probably not. Moving on…

Side note #2 : If you currently have blinds on your windows, consider removing them and letting those windows breath! You will gain natural light that way and will still be able to pull the curtains if you need to make the room darker for nap time. Natural light always flatters a room.


Every new born needs a tee-pee right? If you have pets, I HIGHLY recommend the bright white teepee so that you can bleach it if it gets dirty. Let’s just say that our puppy decided to take a little ‘teepee’ on the teepee. Nothing a little bleach couldn’t handle!

Crib 2

Crib 1

The crib that we found came from, you guessed it, a flea market! Rz’s Antiques in down town Branson. ( Shameless family business plug ). If you are in the area- go check it out!

We painted it “Lincoln’s Cabin” Black and now it looks like it came straight from Land of Nod! This Jennie Lind style is a classic, and we will likely use it for baby #2 one day.

Cow boy vest

cow boy vest with ibaby


This leather jacket was worn by all of the boys in Mickey’s family and I can’t wait to see Shep in it!

Also- I am so thankful we splurged for the iBaby. I call it my “baby spy cam.” It gives me such comfort to be able to roll over in bed at night and check on Shep in his room from my phone. Can’t put a price tag on peace of mind! This is not a sponsored post..I’m  just really happy with the product! I am a bargain hunter at heart (which explains why my whole house was furnished by Craigslist ) but I believe there are some things that are worth paying a little more for.

peter pan sign

bear head

With graphic art being so in-style these days, I had a friend of mine paint this quote on a large canvas. I needed another big pop of white to freshen up those gray walls and balance the big, white teepee. This art work serves as a constant reminder for me to savor each stage with Shepherd.

The bear head was used in my little brother’s nursery, and that mirror hung above my crib when I was a babe. While I have enjoyed buying new things for this new addition to our family, I loved incorporating things that had sentimental value as well.


This frame sits right across from our rocker. It was a gift from our church. It is a lovely reminder for me to pray over my son and our family each day. It reminds me to stop scrolling through Instagram while nursing and use this time with Shepherd to be praying for him and enjoying him.

tribal blanket



And there’s that! If you ever have several ideas regarding a nursery, allow yourself to pick a couple elements from a couple of complimentary styles that will help narrow your design focus, and accommodate unexpected pieces that speak to you along the way.

Nest on, Nester! Your little nugget will be here before you know it!





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