Re-examine Your Normal

I recently had the privilege of watching my not so little brother play what was his last tournament of baseball. While I have always had an appreciation for the sport, I have never been a radical fan. We won’t go into details… but my husband had to explain to me what “hit by a pitch” meant. That’s embarrassing for a number of reasons. The first is that it’s really self explanatory. The second is that I have attended A LOT of baseball games over the years. I should know that terminology. This tournement was different for me. I think the Lord so graciously decided to reveal extraordinary beauty masked behind a normal facade.

When we showed up to the ball park, Mick and I took our seats next to my Grandma and Papa on the front row because they normally sat there. Then, we waited about 15 minutes into the game before seeing my mom and dad arrive because they are normally “fashionably” late. (Sorry, Mom and Dad) After that, my extended family began to trickle in. My Uncle Mike came in after everyone because he normally closes up the shop.

Next came my aunt, another uncle, sister, cousins, second cousins, and even my father-in-law made an appearance! Before I knew it, I found that I was related to about 50% of the crowd. I sat back and observed as my normal was happening. And then I realized…

This is not normal.

2nd cousins

It’s not normal to sit on a regular weeknight, far from any holidays with your sister, cousins and second cousins as they giggle in the row behind you.


And it’s not normal to look down the bench and see Ralph Zebedee Miller Jr. (RZ), Ralph Zebedee Miller III (Skip), and Ralph Zebedee Miller IV (Zeb) watching their grandson, nephew, and cousin (respectively) play the sport that they love. (Skip not pictured in this shot).

Seth Baseball

And it’s sure as heck not normal to see my “not so little anymore” brother look like such a grown man wearing the #16; the number his uncle and cousins all wore when they played for Branson High.

You see, this one night at the ball park taught me a profound truth. Re-examine your “normal,” because you will likely find that it is actually extraordinary. My family’s commitment to one another is what stood out to me when I decided to open my eyes. I wonder what will appear to you as you choose to see your normal as extraordinary. It’s bound to leave your heart swelling with gratitude, I can promise you that.

Mac and Seth



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